Support the Gulf this Earth Day


earth day fundraiser2Happy Earth Day and Gulf Earth Month!

April is a busy time for GRN. In between bouts of eating crawfish and celebrating our vibrant Gulf of Mexico, our staff and volunteers are out at the many festivals in the region working to build public support for a healthy Gulf. Three years ago in April, our work became even more urgent when BP's oil began tainting the Gulf.

As the third memorial of the BP drilling disaster passed this Saturday, we still need your help making sure that BP is held fully accountable for their actions.  Your rallies, petitions, and calls have ensured that BP’s fines will be directed to the Gulf Coast.  Now, we ask you to renew your support so that we can keep bringing people together to hold BP accountable.

BP's oil is still washing ashore.  Earlier this month, we found thousands of tarballs carpeting the beaches of Elmers Island, Lousiana.   We filed a report to alert the Coast Guard to the location of the oil, which made sure BP's crews were mobilized to clean up the tarballs.  Without GRN’s eyes on Elmer’s Island, who knows how long those tarballs may have sat there?

Members like you make our outreach efforts and these monitoring trips possible. Please consider making a donation today, so we can continue spotting the oil and seeing that BP pays the largest fines possible.

Cyn Sarthou is GRN's Executive Director.


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