Top Chef Serves Up Sustainable Seafood at GRN’s Anniversary

Chef's champion sustainable seafood in D.C.
Chef Ryan & the GRN delegation meet with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise



Chef Ryan Prewitt of Peche set a new standard for seafood in New Orleans winning two James Beard Awards in 2014: Best Chef: South and Best New Restaurant in America. On a busy Saturday night, you can find Chef Ryan whizzing around the kitchen making sure every detail is handled. From filleting giant tuna collar and whole redfish to making sure every shrimp that leaves the kitchen is prepared to perfection, Chef Ryan’s respect for seafood is apparent in every dish. His passion for sustainability doesn’t stop at the dinner table. He dives deep into the world of local, sustainably sourced seafood by working with GRN to protect Gulf Fish Forever. 

Last November, Chef Prewitt traveled to D.C. with GRN to talk with congresspeople about the short-sighted Red Snapper Management Authority Act. This legislation would have ignored the best available science for rebuilding red snapper populations from precariously low inventories in the 1990s. While red snapper populations are rebounding under careful conservation efforts, we have several years left before there are enough mature fish to sustain the population. Chef Prewitt and the GRN delegation met with sixteen congresspeople in two days. As a result, that bill never saw the light of day. This was a huge win for Gulf fisheries. 

The fight’s not over, this zombie bill has resurfaced as the RED SNAPPER Act of 2017, and Chef Ryan is continuing to fight. Join us to protect Gulf Fish Forever.

Chef Ryan continues to partner with GRN, this time lending his culinary talents to our 23rd Anniversary celebration. On Sunday, October 1st, he will prepare a special menu featuring sustainable seafood. Come discuss the future of Gulf seafood with Chef Ryan at our Patron Party from 5-6PM. The Patron Party will also include three types of Gulf oysters, hand selected by Chef Ryan.

The Dinner Party from 6-8PM will meld Chef Ryan’s seafood sensibilities with the tropical flair of Chef Dana Honn of Carmo, and Chef Jason Goodenough of Carrollton Market, a combination sure to delight taste buds. Enjoy an open bar and the sweet sounds of Sarah Quintana’s calypso tunes as the sun sets over the historic Arts District in New Orleans. Chef Prewitt will take the stage to talk about why he defends Gulf Fish Forever. 

To reserve your spot at the Gulf Restoration Network’s 23rd Anniversary celebration, click here. It will be a night you won’t soon forget. Treat yourself to award-winning Chef Ryan Prewitt’s menu, and celebrate 23 years of GRN fighting for sustainable fisheries. We couldn’t do it without you.  

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