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Before we discontinued publication in 2013, Wave Maker's News was a quarterly publication that focused on the health and quality of the Gulf region's waters and wetlands. 

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February 2013
Check out this edition to read about some of the latest research related to the BP disaster, new coal terminals proposed along the Gulf coast, Mississippi’s plan for how it will spend its share of BP fines, a giant proposed wetland fill in North Gulfport, Mississippi, and the ongoing effort to protect Florida’s springs and rivers.

November 2012
Read about the fight to protect Florida's free-flowing waters, efforts to make sure BP fine money goes to real restoration in Mississippi, how a new study could help us learn more about threatened Gulf sturgeon, the impacts of Hurriance Isaac on coastal restoration projects, and Louisiana's latest attempt to weaken protections that keep the state's clean waters clean.

June 2012
In this edition of Wave Makers News, read more about how coal pollution could hold back coastal restoration in Louisiana, a victory for Florida's Nature Coast, unbridled natural gas fracking operations in Mississippi, Aveda Earth month, a destructive mine proposal in Levy County, Florida, and ongoing threats to Mississippi's barrier islands.

March 2012
Check out this edition of Wave Makers News to read about the threat of oil and gas drilling in Mississippi’s waters, a new lawsuit to force EPA to take action on the Dead Zone, the collapse of Four Mile Marsh near Hammond, LA, an update on the 2012 legislative session in Florida, efforts to protect Florida’s free-flowing waters, and new threat to Mississippi’s Pascagoula River.

December 2011
In this edition of Wave Makers News, read about a mega-development threatening Florida’s Nature Coast, our efforts to ensure transparency in restoration efforts after the BP drilling disaster, an update on the Pearl River fish kill, how conservation dollars are being used to fund environmental destruction in Mississippi, the latest on the destructive Kemper County, Mississippi coal plant and mine, and Florida’s failure to protect against nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

September 2011
Read the September edition of Wave Makers News for an update on the massive fish kill in the Pearl River, a look at the fight to protect Florida’s waters from nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, the latest on congressional action in the wake of the BP disaster, more about GRN’s continuing effort to ensure that concrete action is taken to reduce the Dead Zone, and an update on the sewage threat to Mississippi’s Leaf and Bowie Rivers.

June 2011
Check out this issue of Wave Makers News to hear about how historic flooding in the Mississippi River Delta could impact the Dead Zone, the misuse of conservation dollars in Long Beach, Mississippi, the fight to protect Florida’s waters from nitrogen pollution, an update on Aveda’s Earth Month, and the latest on how the BP drilling disaster continues to impact Louisiana’s coast.

March 2011
In this edition of Wave Makers News, read more about threats to Florida's Nature Coast from mining, the fight to keep clean waters clean, a victory for wetlands in coastal Mississippi, our newest Healthy Waters team member Scott Eustis, Aveda's Earth Month festivities, threats to environmental protections in Florida, and the latest on our efforts to clean up the Dead Zone.

December 2010
Check out this edition of Wave Makers News to read about a victory for the Pearl River, challenges to the success of freshwater diversions along the Mississippi River, efforts to protect Florida's Nature Coast, the fight for cleaner waters throughout Florida, "brown coal" mining in Mississippi, and ongoing restoration efforts in the wake of the BP drilling disaster

September 2010

Read this edition of Wave Makers News to learn about our fight to stop a limestone mine in the heart of Florida's Nature Coast, work pushing Louisiana to do a better job combating the Dead Zonequestionable oil defense and cleanup projects, a new plan for monitoring subsurface oil in the wake of the BP drilling disaster, some smelly sewage lagoons in Hattiesburg, MS, and the latest on our efforts to halt the Kemper coal project.

June 2010

In this edition, read more about our response to the BP oil drilling disaster, a clean water victory in Louisiana, new hope for the health of the Pascagoula River, the ongoing fight to halt the Kemper coal project, and the latest on efforts to oppose nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in Florida.

March 2010

Check out this issue of Wave Makers News to read about new efforts to protect Florida's waters from algal blooms, an ill-conceived project to build a prison in a coastal flood zone, continuing efforts to stop the Kemper County, Mississippi coal plant and minethreatened wetlands near MR-GO, upcoming Aveda Earth Month festivities, and a new process for citizens to nominate their favorite waters as "Outstanding" in Mississippi.

December 2009

In this edition of Wave Makers News, learn more about GRN's efforts to protect healthy waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico so that future generations can continue to enjoy our rivers, streams and creeks. Check out articles about a big victory on the Dead Zone, our recent push to protect outstanding rivers in Mississippithreats to the endangered Mississippi Gopher Frog, a proposed new coal facility in Kemper County, Mississippi, a success in the effort to stop a destructive lock project in New Orleans, and GRN's continuting work to protect Florida's coastlines.

September 2009

GRN's Healthy Waters Team has had another busy summer working to keep rivers, streams, and bayous throughout the Gulf Coast safe for fishing, swimming, and all the wild critters that rely on them.  From releasing GRN’s Clean Up Your Act! Report card to fighting against irresponsible development proposals in Mississippi and Florida, GRN is committed to preserving and enhancing our healthy waters and communities.

July 2009

Check out this issue of Wave Makers News to find out more about the threats facing Mississippi's Pascagoula River, get an update on the Dead Zone and GRN's work to protect Florida's Nature Coast, and read about some great events including GRNs Gulf Gathering 2009 and this year's Aveda Earth month festivities.

February 2009

From fighting an ill-conceived Army Corps plan in Louisiana to defending the integrity of Florida's drinking water, this issue details our work to protect the Gulf region's waters and communities.  Check inside for some great articles about Gulf Gathering 2009, the Aveda Earth Month raffle winner, upcoming workshops about protecting your community from sewage pollution, and our efforts to defend communities and wetlands in North Gulfport, MS.

October 2008

The Healthy Waters Team is proud to announce that, after a long and hard fight, the EPA has vetoed the Yazoo Pumps project once and for all.  In this issue, we also detail progress on our efforts to save the Nature Coast, reduce the Dead Zone, protect Louisiana's outstanding waters and preserve Florida's estuaries.

July 2008

The GRN Healthy Waters Team releases Our Waters Our Health:A Citizen's Guide to Sewage. Find out more about this helpful tool for community activists working to keep rivers and streams safe and healthy. Learn more about actions to curb fertilizer pollution in Florida, efforts to stop a dam on the Pearl River, what global warming will mean for Gulf waters, and much more!

March 2008

From the Yazoo pumps project to the Nature Coast of Florida, this issue outlines our work to fight wetland destruction. We also detail our work to protect the Tchefuncte River in Louisiana and the Apalachicola River in Florida.

November 2007

A deeper look at Nitrogen and Phosphorus pollution.  Florida red tide and fertilizer ordinances to curb it.  Holding up water healthy water how EPA continues to drag its feet on controlling nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.  The many faces of nitrogen learn more about the nitrogen cycle.  Dump the pumps the yazoo pumps project threatens 200,000 acres of wetlands in the Mississippi River Delta.

July 2007

The Dead Zone Strikes Again this issue focuses on the Dead Zone its causes and impacts.  Learn more about the Inaction Plan and the failure to acheive concrete actions towards reducing the size of the Dead Zone.  Farms, Fertilizer, Corn and Crabs is yellow really the new green?

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