Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Sabal TrailDanger in the Making

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a proposed 515-mile fracked natural gas pipeline through Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Over 940 acres of wetlands will be impacted by the pipeline project. Approximately half of this dangerous pipeline is slated to run through Florida, from northern Hamilton County to central Osceola County. The project includes five  loud & destructive compressor stations along it's route - including in Suwannee, Marion and Osceola counties.

Hundreds of miles of the proposed pipeline route will cross sensitive limestone or “karst” geology.  These areas are prone to sinkholes, risking pipeline rupture and explosion as well as contamination of the sensitive Floridan Aquifer. Gulf Restoration Network has serious concerns about the safety of a 36-inch pressurized natural gas pipeline in the region.

Impacts to Water & Wetlands

FL Springs
Photo credit: Florida's Springs

On May 31st, 2015 a pipeline managed by Spectra Energy exploded under the Arkansas River. Since 1986 there have been nearly 8,000 pipeline incidents resulting in over 500 deaths, and nearly $7 billion in damage.

Over 60% of Florida’s water comes directly from the Floridan Aquifer - in north and central Florida, over 90% of drinking water comes from the Aquifer.

Unfortunately, FERC has yet to address the potential for the 36-inch, high pressure, Sabal Trail Pipeline to burst in or under the Floridan Aquifer. 

North and central Florida are covered with pristine springs directly connected to the Floridan Aquifer system. This vast underground cave network is a gem right underneath our feet that's worth protecting.

Protecting Florida’s Communities

For years, community members in Florida and Georgia have been fighting to stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline and protect their communities. On December 11th, 2015 Gulf Restoration Network and several partners filed a formal comment opposing the Sabal Trail pipeline project with the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). 

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