Liquified Natural Gas

Liquified Natural Gas

Photo: Darryl Malek Wiley

In 2006, GRN began fighting the development of fish-killing open loop liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals on the Gulf Coast. Each of these terminals would have sucked up over a hundred million gallons of Gulf seawater daily, destroying much of the sea life in that water. We worked with our partners in the Gumbo Alliance and the Gulf Fisheries Alliance to successfully prevent two open-loop LNG terminals from being built off the coast of Alabama. In March of 2007, Shell announced that they would suspend their Gulf Landing LNG terminal project. In 2008, Alabama Governor Bob Riley vetoed the last remaining proposal for an offshore LNG facility in the Gulf.

LNG Threatens Gulf 

In 2006, oil and gas corporations had plans to import natural gas in a super-chilled, liquefied form, return it to gas form by warming it, and then deliver it to the Gulf's natural gas pipelines. Several of the proposed facilities for processing LNG in the Gulf were designed to use an open-rack vaporizer, or open-loop system, which would run Gulf seawater through radiator-like racks. One proposed terminal alone would have used up to 270 million gallons of Gulf water a day to vaporize the natural gas. The drastic temperature change, chlorination and physical damage caused by the process would have destroyed fish eggs and larva by the billions. The cumulative impacts of these facilities would have been a significant blow to our fisheries.

Unlikely LNG Alliance

In response to this threat, a broad and unlikely coalition developed to oppose the terminals. Both the Gumbo Alliance in Louisiana and the Gulf Fisheries Alliance in Alabama were composed of commercial, charter boat and recreational fishing interests working alongside conservation organizations such as GRN, the Sierra Club and Mobile Baykeeper.

By putting aside our differences and working together, we were able to block plans by some of the largest corporations in the world, and ultimately help protect the Gulf’s vital marine populations. 

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