About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Gulf Restoration Network is committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region.

Our Vision

The Gulf of Mexico will continue to be a natural, economic and recreational resource that is central to the culture and heritage of five states and several nations. The people of the region will be stewards of this vital but imperiled treasure, and assume the responsibility of returning the Gulf to its former splendor.

Equity & Inclusiveness Statement

In order to accomplish its mission, GRN must be responsive to the needs of everyone in the communities we serve, embracing differences in race, gender, ethnicity, class, ability, religion & sexual orientation. We will continue to work with communities and allies in a way that values people of all experiences, backgrounds & perspectives, and is based on respect, inclusiveness, integrity, honesty and anti-oppression. Further, we will use these values to ensure that marginalized and oppressed communities receive our attention and services when confronted with environmental issues.


Members of GRN's founding board and staff.

In December of 1994, representatives from various conservation organizations across the Gulf of Mexico held a meeting in Four Mile Village, Florida, to discuss the need for, and shared interest in, forming a Gulf-wide coalition.

On June 3, 1995, these representatives met in St. Petersburg, Florida to plan and establish GRN’s priority issues. These priorities included reducing pollution in our waterways, preserving Gulf wetlands, requiring sustainable management of Gulf fisheries and protecting threatened and endangered species. On August 29, 1995, the formation of GRN was formally announced through simultaneous press events in New Orleans and Tampa.

In the beginning, GRN operated as a project of the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund (formally the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund), receiving financial and staff assistance from that organization. Our first Campaign Director, Cynthia Sarthou, was hired in October of 1995. In 1998, GRN became an independent corporation and obtained 501(c)(3) status.

Since 1998, GRN has grown in staff to our current size of 14 staff and numerous interns and volunteers. We have evolved from a network of a few dozen member organizations held together by one staff person, to a thriving independent organization, with thousands of individual members throughout the Gulf.

In strategic partnership with our allies, we run campaigns in all five Gulf states to advance issues important to the health of the Gulf.

You can join the fight for a healthy Gulf by signing up as a member of GRN or joining our email list. For info about our current campaigns, visit Our Work page. Check out our Victories and Accomplishments page for more on recent and past successes.

Role of GRN

GRN's staff pursues campaigns on priority issues affecting the entire Gulf region, including healthy waters and wetlands, coasts and communities, oceans and marine life, and energy and climate change.

GRN organizes the public around key issues, builds broad coalitions of groups and individuals calling for a healthy Gulf, watchdogs governments and corporations to prevent pollution and destruction, advocates for policies that will improve the health of our communities and region, and, when necessary, takes legal action to protect the Gulf. GRN also works to provide technical support and mentoring to grassroots groups and engages individuals through information sharing, publications and our email action network. 

In this way, GRN intends to play a pivotal role in providing our members and others with the technical information, Gulf-wide networking opportunities and communication that will empower them to successfully address the environmental threats that the Gulf faces. 

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